Does not provide answers

You will not find answers to problems on the website. We do not publish them. Submit your solutions for review and receive conformation from the moderator whether it is correct or not.

The administration expresses its gratitude to users who link to the website «Cerebrate It», when publishing puzzle on other sites, and do not write answers in the public domain.

But at least sometimes, does anyone give answers here? It is interesting to find out the correct answer to some puzzles, since sometimes our whole group can't stop arguing about them.

No answers will be given. If you are arguing with your friends, then create an account for each of you, or one for everyone, and the correct answer will be accepted.

After you solve the puzzle, you can discuss it with the moderator.

Checks answers manually

Your solutions are checked by a moderator. Solutions are reviewed within two days on average. To speed up the review, it is worth writing an answer in accordance with the rules below: well structured, complete, compact, right to the point

Who are the moderators:

These are regular players. They can:

— review the puzzles that were answered by other players;

— edit puzzle comments (mainly, in order to clear answers and hints);

— discuss new puzzle candidates.

Selects puzzles thoroughly

Puzzles for our website are selected neither by one person nor even by small group of people — all members of the community help us to find, invent and select the puzzles.

The puzzles go through a strict multi-stage review. During past 15 years, we have analyzed the absolute majority of interesting logical problems, rethought them, redesigned them when necessary, and published the best of them.


Respect each other and moderators

We try to avoid conflicts, respect each other and trust the moderators.

The administration considers users to be adult and responsible people who accept network etiquette, treat each other with respect, avoiding offensive expressions, do not provoke conflicts and do not violate laws.

Solve puzzles

To find out the answer to a problem, solve it and send the solution to a moderator for review.

Where to write the answer to a puzzle?

Below the puzzle you can see the button « Apply solution for review ». Click on it. Enter your solution in the form that appears.

The solution cannot be written anywhere else. Neither on the forum, nor in common comments, nor by e-mail.

Puzzle answering rules

  1. Please write your answer on the first line. And then the justification. This way moderator can understand a complex solution more easily.
  2. Try to formulate your solution in a structured and detailed manner. Difficult-to-understand solutions are checked much more slowly.
  3. The answer to the problem must always be justified. Moreover, so that another person, the moderator, could easily verify the correctness of the justification and the result. The exceptions are riddles and puzzles on pattern recognition, as well as the puzzles where it is explicitly written that justification is not required.
  4. An answer to puzzle like "5" is not enough. One needs to explain why 5 is the answer. But don't go to another extreme, long and overcomplicated answers will take much longer time to review.

    Is it necessary to justify the answer where the condition does not indicate that the answer must be justified?

    The answer to the problem must always be justified, unless the condition explicitly states that justification is not needed.

    The exceptions are riddles, puzzles to determine patterns in a sequence.

  5. The moderator in the process of the solution review can clarify the condition and ask various questions.
  6. You should not argue with the moderator, you are not the first person whose solution they are reviewing, in the vast majority of cases the moderator will be right. Although they may be wrong. First commit into solving the problem with the moderator you have, only then ask another moderator to check your discussion.
  7. If you are asked to justify some statement, to clarify the «obvious», this is not because the moderators are stupid, but because the «obvious» is most often incorrect or there are a lot of incorrect justifications for it.
  8. Apologizing for incorrect solution, writing that I was wrong, I will think ... and so on is not worth it. These posts will only bother moderator, since they need to review them as well.
  9. The so-called "original answers" are not the standards by which the moderators check the answers, with the exception of riddles.
  10. Please check and reconsider your answer before sending.

Suggest puzzles

If you know an interesting, non-standard puzzle that is not yet on the website, send its formulation, without an answer, by private message to any moderator.

In the message, indicate the source from which you've learned about the puzzle, as well as the original formulation. Be sure to write if you know the answer to the puzzle. If yes, the moderators will check their solutions with you.

I've suggested, what's next?

What happens next is not up to you: the moderator will publish the puzzle in the closed forum and open a vote on it, which will decide whether to publish the puzzle on the website.

In case of a positive outcome, the formulation will be improved and the puzzle published.


We are competing - every user has a rating, which combines weights of all solved puzzles.

What is the puzzle weight?

The weight of a puzzle is its difficulty. Only those registered can see the weight.